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City of Jackson Held a Meeting to Discuss Potential New Public Safety Buildings

JACKSON, Tn.-The Jackson Police Department and Fire Department has been around since the late 70’s and today the city agreed that it's time for some upgrades.

“Our budget committee saw the value and the need for the plans to upgrade our public safety buildings. And so the plan is to create an entire public safety complex to bring everyone together, upgrade our buildings, and you'll see shortly why we need that.” said Mayor Scott Conger

The current building faces damages like mold, leaks, and spacing issues. The meeting today initiated the first phase of planning for the potential new public safety buildings.

"Today, the Budget Committee approved the budget amendment, to hire an architect engineer firm to work on the project. And so, the City Council is going to vote on that. And so, they would hire a firm do the plan, assessment, the design and the drawings of what the new public safety complex would look like.”

This City of Jackson will be presenting the design in September of next year in hopes of gaining some state and federal funding for the project.

“So, we’ve talked with our other state senator and our congressmen about those community investment funds that they have on both levels and so this the timing to this works out to allow them to do a comprehensive study, the plan and design, and so we can know what the amount is and then make the appropriate ask.”

City Council will meet again on the first Tuesday of November to further discuss the next steps of this new project.

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