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City of Jackson Announces New Text Alert System

JACKSON, TN.-People in Jackson can now stay in the know by subscribing to the city's new text alert system.

The City of Jackson is now able to communicate with its citizens directly. When community members subscribe to receive text alerts and newsletters, they will get notifications about events, important news, and city initiatives.

“I think they're a good idea. I think it's a way to step into the new age of technology. And for the more tech savvy individuals, the younger generation, it'll be a good way to keep them involved.” said Cedric Nelson.

Over the last couple of months, people in Jackson have voiced their need for more entertainment. The city will now be able to notify community members about events they can enjoy.

“It should help tremendously with finding out upcoming events. And that way people can't complain and there's nothing going on because they just check that everyone's on a cell phone all day anyway. So I think it's a great idea.” says Nelson.

One community member voiced that he has doubts about the new text alert system.

“It doesn't matter, because they won't let you know what's going on behind closed doors.” said Richard. T

If you would like to receive text alerts and newsletters from the city of Jackson, you can visit

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