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City Litter Enforcement Work to Prevent Illegal Dumpings in Neighborhoods

JACKSON, Tenn. - This pile of litter was found in a neighborhood along North Royal Street.

Neighborhood residents have raised their concerns about the illegal dumping that happens on their streets, in front of their homes.

“We’ve bought cameras to put in areas, in undisclosed areas, to see if we can capture these people who are doing these illegal dumpings, and so we have started that, and it is being implemented right now and hopefully that is coming to fruition as well.”

Since his appointment as city councilman for District 3, Richard Donnell has been working to implement litter and illegal dumping enforcement.

Jackson born and raised, Mr. Donnell cares about preventing illegal dumping and littering on Jackson’s streets and neighborhoods.

A “pile patrol”, guards who watch for unsanitary and harmful litter, has been actively watching for these illegal dumpings, with the help of security cameras.

“It’s harmful for the environment because you don’t know what people are putting in these dumps, stuff is leaking into the soil, and it’s also an eyesore to the citizens of Jackson who have a right to look throughout the area unfettered by the trash, so it’s harmful to the people in the quiet enjoyment of their neighborhoods.”

Fines are being strictly enforced for those caught adding to the litter piles.

If you see or have trash and would like to schedule a trash pickup at your home or in your neighborhood, you can call the city of Jackson health and sanitation department at 731-425-8545.

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