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City and County leaders tour JCM and Madison construction sites

I put on my hard hat today and went to tour of two new schools here in Jackson. Now there has been a lot done at both of these schools, but there is still some things that need to done before they open in the fall.

Jackson Central Merry and Madison Academic are both under construction ahead of the upcoming fall semester.

The original campus of JCM is being renovated for its reopening in August.

“I am very excited just walking through the hallways just bringing back old memories. The building is going to beautiful, I am very pleased with the bright windows, the colors, the solo lights. Just brining it contemporary," says the principal of the school.

JCM class of 1992 graduate, Ramonica Dorsey, will be the principal of the remodeled school.

“I never thought I would be in this situation, walking through the hallways as a high schooler and now coming back to be an administrator, so that’s just a blessing for me," says Dorsey.

Madison Academic is getting a whole new building on the campus of University of Memphis Lambuth.

After speaking with principal, Chad Guthrie, he believes this move will provide students with more challenging course work.

“It’s going to open up other classes we may not have had access to, especially when its gets to some very specialized classes," says Guthrie.

JCM will be reopening after 5 years. Dorsey says this will bring back what was lost in the community, “bring back the culture, the community, bringing back the traditions that everyone is known for, and just that cougar pride”.

I talked with people at both school sites and they are planning that both schools will be finished by July 31st just in time for school to start in the fall.

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