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Citizens honored at Mayor’s Civic Pride Luncheon

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - Jackson residential, commercial, and educational institutions were honored today at the Mayor’s Civic Pride Luncheon at the Carl Perkins Civic and Convention Center.

The City of Jackson and Keep Jackson Beautiful hosted the awards luncheon celebrating those who keep the city beautiful.

Keep Jackson Beautiful was founded in 1985 and its mission is to provide volunteer leadership in developing positive attitudes about the environment through education and community involvement.

The organization says they have been honoring citizens and businesses for over 30 years.

“I enjoy being able to do this for the citizens and just recognize them for the hard work they do in their yards. I am hoping that it gets contagious and spreads from neighborhood to neighborhood throughout the city until Jackson as beautiful as can be,” said J.D. Sims, the Grounds Keeping Superintendent with the City of Jackson.

One of the honorees was happy about receiving an honorable mention during the event.

“It is just a joy, just a pure joy to get out and garden. I think everybody was designed to be a gardener, you know we were supposed to be in that garden of Eden and care for it. Not just suppose to sit there, you are supposed to get out there and care for it," said Nancy Bennett, recipient of Honorable Mention for the Northeast District.

The mayor of Jackson hopes the luncheon inspires others to beautify their lawns or businesses.

“We hope as we recognize people that kind of attitude catches on and we have the opportunity to recognize more people in the future,” said Mayor Scott Conger.

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