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CIT and Law Enforcement Host Mental Health Public Forum

JACKSON, Tenn. - The Madison County Crisis Intervention Team hosts a panel discussion to cover mental health awareness and law enforcement de-escalation tactics.

The goal of the forum is to provide an open space to discuss policies and procedures for mental health wellness and finding proper resources for people in crisis situations.

This forum also highlights the actions being made by law enforcement agencies in Tennessee to equip officers to de-escalate situations and prevent the need for the use of force.

Jackson State Community College criminal justice students attended the forum and learned about opportunities in the CIT and what to do in crisis situations.

CIT Coordinator Deputy Tom Grant shares, “We can show them the other backgrounds and options they have in criminal justice. It isn’t just being a patrol person; it isn’t just one thing.”

“We want to show them law enforcement is here to help, to help people, to reach out to the community.”

With the tragedies and crises occurring, having these open discussions allows people to learn and communicate thoughts and concerns.

The goal of the forum is to bring attention to serious subjects and what people can learn from agencies and resources and each other.

Jackson State Community College Criminal Justice Associate Professor Karen Perrin says, “Today is just to show the community how law enforcement is trying to limit their use of force, and increase de-escalation, and that’s overall, when they go to scenes.”

“So, I’m hoping to show the community what sheriff’s departments, law enforcement, community members such as NAMI, JP Prevention and WRAP are doing to help with those mental health resources."

The highlights from the forum are current and future community involvement, the team’s members, and the advantages of having a CIT.

The intention of the forum is to unite the community by engaging the Madison County Crisis Intervention Team and local law enforcement.

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