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Christ Community Health Services Jackson Gives Incentives for Getting Vaccinated

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

With only around 64% of Americans fully vaccinated many clinics are still trying to find incentives to get the remaining 36% vaccinated. Today Christ Community Clinic gave away free chicken sandwiches and goodie bags to Madison County residents who came to get vaccinated. Shannon Walker (Christ Community Health Services Jackson VP of Health Services) stated, “We thought having incentives with free food and free goodies would be able to draw more of a crowd so people would come, and we could educate them. Especially the ones who had reservations about being vaccinated.”

Christ community health services partnered with the Tennessee Department of Health, Communities United, Jackson Housing Authority, University of Tennessee, and Sunshine Medical Care Urgent Center to provide vaccinations and testing to the Madison County community. Shannon Walker Vice President of Health Services for Christ Community stated in the past months the rise in positive covid cases was a major factor in hosting today’s event. Shannon Walker (Christ Community Health Services Jackson VP of Health Services) informed us, “Right now, we’re testing between 150-200 patients a week and we are anywhere between 50-60% positive.”

The Omicron variant has been reported to be the second most contagious disease next to the measles. Symptoms of this variant are mild, and Christ Community Health Services Physician David Larsen gave some insight on symptoms viewers should monitor. David Larsen (Christ Community Health Services Physician) explained, “many of em just have a mild cough or congestion, but if that’s a new symptom. Even if that’s oh I think it’s my sinus infection this time of the year. During this time, they need to be tested.”

Since the beginning of the school year covid numbers in school aged children has also risen. Allyson Anyanwu owner of Sunshine Medical Care Urgent Center encourages vaccinating the youth for their protection. Allyson Anyanwu (Sunshine Medical Care Urgent Center Owner) emphasized, “it’s so important to remember the children need to be vaccinated also, because the virus is everywhere. It’s in the stores, it’s in the parking lot, it’s in the people that are everywhere. So, the more we can build up an immunity to it the less severe it will happen to us if it happens to us.”

Makayla Davis

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