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Children from West Tennessee attend "Touch a Truck"


Today at the fairground, hundreds of children got to experience and learn about trucks that they've probably only ever seen on TV.

The Touch a Truck event is back in Jackson after a couple of years off because of Covid.

First responders, government employees, and organizations brought their vehicles to give children a chance to get a real close look!

“It helps build community relations that helps build that trust between kids and first responders and other departments that are represented here, but it also maybe sparks an interest in having that as a career one day," said Christi Davis the Community Engagement Director for the city of Jackson Recreation and Parks

Kids from all over along with young campers from ten different summer camps turned out for today’s event.

They all had two things in common, they were excited and they all had a favorite vehicle

The swat truck," said Jeremiah Henderson, "because my dad used to be a Marine, and I want to be a Marine. Just like him.

“I'd probably say the railroad police over here,” said Judea Hudgeson, "because it sounds fun.”

Madison Jones said,“The ambulance... what's inside of it, like the tools because I want to be a nurse.”

For children from the Lane college summer camp is was,

“The helicopter!”

“The helicopter!”


And having that awesome feeling after getting a close-up look at these huge vehicles is what this touch a truck event is all about! ‘

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