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Chester County High students awarded Recycler of the Year

Jackson, TN.

Amber Greene (TRC Board Member) awarded Chester County High students with the award, stating, “The recycle sculpture guitar project that you worked on with Mister Derrick Gibbs was an amazing project which promoted recycling. So congratulations on the k-12 recycling award to mister Derick Gibbs and the students of Chester County High School.”

Today the Tennessee Recycling Coalition presented Chester County High School students and Teacher Derick Gibbs with the Recycler of the Year Award their recycling project which stands behind me, now sits in the center of the Sue Shelton White Park.

Each year Chester County High School students do a sculpture build contest through the West Tennessee Recycling Hub. This year instead of a competition they decided to build a sculpture to beautify their community.

Derick Gibbs (Chester County High School Welding Instructor) stated, “Speaking with some leaders of the community, we decided to build a sculpture for the Eddie Arnold memorial. They were setting up an Eddie Arnold Memorial, so we wanted a sculpture to go with it.”

The classes sculpture is already catching the eye of residents

Hayden Stanford (Chester County High School student) informed us, “It’s definitely something to be proud of. The other day, me and my friend were sitting at the WIFI park, just talking. A couple people came up and just looked at the sculpture. It made me feel proud that some random person that I don’t know came up to look and even complement the sculpture.”

This project not only beautified the community, but served as a bonding activity for Chester County High students

Tate Crouse (Chester County High School student) told 39 News, “they told us to figure out the best way to get it done, and make it pop. So, it brought us all together on how to get it done.”

When residents walk through the Sue Shelton White Park, they may not know the work behind the beautiful sculpture, but Chester students are proud their quite labor has a bold impact.

Nathan Ludolf (Chester County High School student) stated, “no one knows who really did the work to it, it’s nice to see people recognizing it. Not knowing who we are, seeing us walk around town, the undercover heroes I guess you could say.”

Makayla Davis

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