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Chester County High school students take part in "Trashercise" clean up


Today Chester County high school students picked up trash on a three mile stretch of road

“I've lived here all my life, so, I like to see where I live. Very clean and beautiful,” said Maddison Woofter a Junior at Chester County Highschool.

“You see a bunch of trash in a river or on the side of the road, it kind of makes you sick. To your stomach, and you'd like to have everything clean when you look around, you can actually be proud of where you from,” said Ezekiel McMorris a sophomore at Chester County Highschool.

Madison and Ezekiel are two of the students that volunteered for the program ‘Trashercise’ a combination of exercise and trash pickup.

Teachers and the Chester County mayor volunteered with the students,

“Our objective is that they see the need and that this they continue this on even out of school that they help keep our county beautiful. And because we're proud of our county and we want to keep it good," said Chester County Mayor Barry Hutcherson.

The Tennessee department of transportation spends 19 million dollars a year on litter pick up and prevention

The "Trashercise" showed the students how big of an issue littering really is.

“It's always great when you see young people involved in litter pickups and things of that nature … and so if you teach people why they're young, how to do that, once they become an adult, they will keep those same actions,” said Edmond Mcdavis III of Keep Tennessee Beautiful.

Keep Tennessee Beautiful is an initiate to improve and beautify the state.

Edmond Mcdavis said litter pick up and prevention benefits those living in a community and makes it a more desirable place to visit, “No one wants to visit somewhere if it’s nasty it's like if you have company over to your house, you're going to clean up before they come, right? So, it's the same thing with the state of Tennessee. We have to keep Tennessee clean.”

You can get involved with liter clean up and prevention by visiting ((

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