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CenterWell Senior Primary Care centers will soon be opening in middle Tennessee. These centers are built specifically to care for older adults both mentally and physically. Nancy Benefield of Jackson likes the idea.

“I think that, you know, programs for seniors are really good because we need that help. we need especially seniors that have lost their spouse. And, you know, if they need the programs, it helps us not only health wise, but mentally wise to.”

Along with mental and physical care, CenterWell Primary Care centers will also provide transportation for its patients.

“That is a wonderful, wonderful thing because as you get older, sometimes it's a lot harder for you to drive and especially if your appointment is late and it starts getting, you know, in the wintertime, it gets dark early and a lot of senior citizens have problems seeing at night,” says Nancy.

39 News was also able to speak with a senior who did not want to be on camera but thought the new facilities would be a great addition to Tennessee. He says that he struggles with keeping up with appointments and believe that specialized care for seniors is strongly needed.So far no word on when the Centerwell Senior Primary Care facilities will be open.

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