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Celebrating National Summer Learning Week

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - Across the nation, we are celebrating National Summer Learning Week. An awareness week focusing on helping children continue to learn during the summer.

National Summer Learning Week is dedicated to emphasizing the importance of keeping kids learning, safe, and healthy during the summer break to ensure that children return to school ready to succeed in this upcoming school year.

The Tennessee Connections Academy is an online school that teaches children throughout the state during the summer months and during the traditional school year.

A first-grade teacher with an online academy says that on average kids can lose up to a month of learning every summer break so the academy has been hosting a summer camp.

“The best thing to do about National Summer Learning Week is to be very engaged with your child and find hands-on activities,” said Fallon Johnston, a first-grade teacher with the Tennessee Connections Academy.

In Jackson, the summer learning program at the public library has also been another way kids can continuing learning during summer break.

“The main thing we have been doing is helping inspire kids to keep reading over the summer, no matter what they want to read, just by picking up a book, we hope, and we’ve seen that it keeps their imaginations going. I’ve seen a lot of kids where just in the summertime it makes a big difference that they feel empowered and go back to school excited about learning,” said Jennifer Kilburn, the Children’s Librarian at the Jackson-Madison Co. Library.

The summer learning program at the library offers crafts, reading challenges, escape rooms, and much more.

So, take some time out this week to read and be interactive with your children to celebrate National Summer Learning Week.

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