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CDC reports low routine childhood immunization rates

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - With the COVID-19 virus still prevalent across the United States, many are still hesitant to visit the hospitals or their primary health providers’ offices to seek assistant with routine childhood immunizations.

The Centers for Disease Control reports a substantial decrease in the ordering of routine pediatric vaccines.

They also say there have been fewer administered doses of routine childhood and adolescent vaccines as well.

UnitedHealthcare of the Mid-South wants to encourage families to continue putting routine immunizations at the top of their to-do list in order to maintain herd immunity within society.

“So, what heard immunity, is that if enough people are immunized in a society, then the prevalently and incident of that in that society is way less,” said Dr. Kevin Stephens, Chief Medical Officer with UnitedHealthcare of the Mid-South.

UnitedHealthcare wants to stress the importance of immunizations because if you do not stay up to date you are putting your children at risk.

They also recommend families to visit the CDC's website to learn more about which vaccines are needed and when are the appropriate times to get those vaccines.

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