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Businesses Prepare For Valentines Day!

JACKSON, Tn.- It is officially Valentine's Day and the people of Jackson are busy shopping for their loved ones! the need for flowers and sweets is at an all-time high as the day of love comes to a close.

“Delivering right at 400 arrangements they started loading the vehicles at 7:30 this morning so they could hit the road at 8 and we did massive orders as far as our flowers, what we consider massive we ordered 3600 roses. we started our order with 3000 roses, but we had to add to that” says Jerri Sue Maxwell owner of sand’s florist.

“I'd say the past two days we have done about close to 300 dozen chocolate dipped strawberries, we've done about 3000 cookies, decorated sugar cookies, and about 215 "I Love You" box sets that have gone over really well the past couple of years,” explains Melanie Thornton & Abby Lenard owners of Two Sisters bakery.

With higher prices of dairy goods, getting ready for such a busy day came with a cost for some businesses.

A lot of the inflation was in the goods we use primarily in our industry so a lot of the eggs, flour, sugar, and butter. especially butter and eggs were our two biggest price increases” Melanie states.

but the price of flowers has remained pretty steady.

They are the same price that they were last year, a dozen roses is 120 dollars but everything else is kinda the same we got chocolates and candies and that kinda thing. but it hasn't stopped anybody. they’re still buying for their loved ones,” says Jerri Sue.

In the midst of the busy day both businesses are grateful for their customers.

“Thank you for your support it's been a great week and we look forward to serving you for many more years '' expresses Abby.

“Just come on by and see us and we’ll still be delivering valentines tomorrow for everyone who forgot,” reminds customers.

these two local businesses tell us they were more than able to meet the high demand as the Jackson community celebrated another Valentine's Day.

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