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Businesses in Jackson feeling the pain at the pump

JACKSON, Tenn. (WNBJ) - Some local businesses in Jackson feeling the pain at the pump.

As gas prices continue to rise some business owners are talking about how prices are affecting services.

“I know it hurts everybody. It hurts us. It hurts my employees. We just hope for the best,” said Timothy Johnson, the owner of Green Frog

Timothy Johnson, the owner of Green Frog Coffee and Grill talks about how these price hikes are impacting their delivery services.

“We charge a delivery fee, and we have a delivery driver. Up until recently, that fee for the delivery driver would go straight to the driver and it was sufficient enough to cover their expenses. We also pay them an hourly wage. They also keep any tips, but now with the gas prices going up almost $1.50. Now we are examining the fact that we might have to raise our delivery fee to compensate the driver,” said Johnson.

Green Frog says they may have to raise delivery fees to a dollar more but have not finalized that decision.

Kent Freeman, the owner of J. Kent Freeman Flowers and Gifts says these gas prices are not the highest they have seen in their 20 years of business but it’s getting close.

“The service we provide is a service that people don’t have to come in. 90 percent of our business is probably delivery. So, we are going to work with it anyway we can,” said Kent Freeman, the owner of J. Kent Freeman Flowers and Gifts.

The owner says they are looking into ways to decrease delivery trips.

“We’re being very conscious of our strategy of delivery. Make sure we are not making unnecessary runs. We are making sure our recipients of the flowers are home before we make the delivery. We are just in the process of routing,” said Freeman.

Freeman says they do not plan on raising delivery fees at this time.

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