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Builders and Backers Idea Accelerator Gives West TN Opportunities to Make Business Ideas Come True

JACKSON, Tenn. - Heartland Forward, The Co, Epicenter Memphis, and Ford Motor company are coming together to give the people of west Tennessee what’s called the Builders and Backers Idea Accelerator program.

This virtual program provides access to training, resources, and a five thousand dollar grant to help turn ideas into potential businesses or ventures.

We’re open to nonprofit ideas, small businesses, high-tech apps, really what innovative idea do you want to get off the ground that you’ve had in your head, and you just need a pathway to try it," says program manager for innovation and entrepreneurship at Heartland Forward Katie Milligan.

This program has reached more than ten states and is now here in west Tennessee.

Applications are open for twenty people from now until December thirtieth.

The two-month virtual program starts on January 26th, 2023.

The program manager encourages those with visions and ideas for solving a problem facing their community to apply.

“We’re really hoping that the ideas in west Tennessee come up that can be really beneficial to all of the communities in west Tennessee, so not just those in Memphis, not just those in Jackson, but everywhere in between.”

Heartland Forward believes in giving potential new businesses the resources needed to make their visions come true.

It supports new ideas and giving people the head start to entrepreneurship.

“And we’ve seen amazing ideas, everything from apps that help hunters find private land to go hunting on, to art exhibits for honoring black artists in Tulsa, to ideas around sustainability and outdoor recreation in Duluth, Minnesota.”

You can get more information about the Builders and Backers Idea Accelerator program by visiting

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