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Blood Services Continue to See Urgent Need for Blood Donations

JACKSON, Tenn. - There is an urgent need for blood and every donation can make a difference.

The need for blood is urgent especially when someone has suffered a serious health threat.

A threat, like the cardiac arrest suffered by Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin at last night’s game.

David Montoya believes giving blood is one of the best things anyone could do to help those in similar situations.

“People need blood. I can give it, it’s something simple to do. It doesn’t take long, it takes like twenty minutes, and it might just save somebody’s life.”

Montoya celebrates reaching his fourteen-gallon mark today.

He plans to keep donating blood as long as he can, even after undergoing a heart surgery he continues to give blood.

“I’m on a lot of medications for my heart, but I can still give blood. And I made sure after my heart surgery that I could still give blood, it’s that important.”

Lifeline marketing manager Melinda Reid reminds us how important every blood donation is.

It is so impactful to donate blood, because one donation can save up to three lives. So, we really encourage everyone to come on in and donate today.”

“Just come give some blood, we need it.”

To donate blood, you can visit Lifeline Blood Services on 183 Sterling Farms Drive.

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