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JACKSON, Tn.- There's a lot of very exciting changes coming to the Jackson Madison County school district. one of the main points of discussion in today's meeting was the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief funds, or *ESSER* funding. School board members heavily discussed their plans on how to use the money throughout the school district. Superintendent Dr. Marlon King was able to explain more about the Esser fund.

“Over a couple of years ago when we entered the pandemic... systems throughout the state receive ESSER funding and so we received about $50 million in funding and what we wanted to do was be very strategic. how we spent those funds, I think is very important”

The superintendent discussed several new learning programs as well as upcoming renovations.

"So, we have a new football stadium in addition to renovating the old Madison High School building to become the Central Office Service Center, more than just a central office, there will be a service center for the community.

Dr. king explains that plenty of opportunities for growth are on the way.

"We will have the auditorium will have spaces in there for people to share, spaces who have parents, adult education, literacy, education center to support our students who are not speaking English or English as a second language. So, we're looking at just a plethora of opportunities that we're going to help the community in this service space.”

The superintendent understands the importance and responsibility of being an educator.

“Families are sending their babies to us every single day for us to make sure that they are ready. And you know what? We take it seriously. And so, what we want to do is make sure that we're very strategic about what we're putting in place and what we're putting in front of our kids. and we want to put the right things in front of our kids . We want our school system not only to be the best school system in the state of Tennessee, but also in the nation.”

For more information on the next board meeting, you can visit:

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