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Bicentennial First Friday Forum focuses on Education in Jackson-Madison county


The past, present and future of education in Jackson and Madison county was the topic of this months bicentennial first Friday forum.

The bicentennial programming and event theme for September is education, arts and culture.

Union university professor Dr. Kenneth Newman spoke about the last two hundred years of education history in Jackson-Madison county. Then school superintendent Dr. Marlon king picked up where Dr. Newman left off, the present. Education in the middle of a pandemic

"I say a pandemic, it brought innovation. Not only did it bring innovation, it brought a lot of more opportunities for our students,” says Dr. King.

Dr. King shared some of those innovations, “many of our students didn’t have technology, or a computer. Every student in our school system now has access to a computer… that they wouldn’t have had.”

Students also received access to WIFI and teachers received raises and bonuses.

Dr. King continued his lecture by discussing the future of education in Jackson-Madison county. He says the board will roll out a five-year plan for the future of schools.

The chair of the Jackson Madison county bicentennial commission spoke about the importance of an event that discusses the history of Jackson-Madison county,

“celebrating 200 years of living and dreams and progress in our community is something and we need to learn about what happened yesterday,” Elain Christian went on to discuss the importance of the bicentennial for the future, “these bicentennial hopes to leave a legacy for the future. We want to position a better life for our children and grandchildren moving forward as we commemorate this special time.”

The next First Friday Forum will take place on October 1st.

For more information on the bicentennial events go to

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