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Baseball could be returning to the Ballpark at Jackson


Baseball may be returning to the hub city because one group stepped up to the plate.

Dennis Bastien is the commissioner of the pioneer league he spoke about the potential deal with the city of Jackson, "We look at the ball park not so much as just a baseball stadium but as an entertainment venue, so we talked about other potential uses but the primary tenet would be a prospect league franchise beginning in 2023.”

Bastien presented a proposal at a meeting last night to bring a brand-new prospect league baseball team to Jackson, "32-man roster from colleges all across the country, college all americans, it’s a different look. It’s a different feel.”

Mayor Scott Conger shared on social media, “I firmly believe that a partnership with the prospect league is the best opportunity to maximize our stadium use. With a shortened season, it will give us many more opportunities to provide diversified entertainment at our great stadium.”

Commissioner Bastien said potentials include drone racing, esports and concerts.

“We look at that not only as a ballpark, and that is our first love and that is our primary, but as a potential entertainment destination,” said Bastien.

If the proposal is approved the league plans to hold a contest to name the team

We want people to start being creative their thoughts we would want to have a team name that is not in use by any professional sports team, college team, something to do with Jackson and that region something that’s kind of catchy, unique, that rolls off the tongue well,” said Bastien.

Commissioner Bastien believes that this deal will bring Jackson global attention, "We televise every game…it will bring Jackson into the forefront of being viewed by people around the world.”

Bastien said the prospect leauge is excited about the potential of a new team in Jackson, "We're looking forward to this, we love the people of the Jackson-madison county region…we’ll do a lot of things getting involved with the community.”

The city council will vote on the proposal at Tuesdays special called meeting,

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