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Baby Formula Shortage Wreaking Havoc on New Mothers

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

For months stores nationwide have been struggling to stock enough baby formula. Manufacturers say they are producing at full capacity and making as much formula as they can, but it's still not enough to meet the current demand. Jackson resident Hillary Clifft understands this struggle all too well. Hillary Clifft (Jackson Resident) stated, “when we did the switch to formula, that’s when the shortage began. Um, and so we would go to Walmart to buy the formula and the shelves would be empty. Unfortunately, he had to have a specific type of formula and it seemed that, that one was always out of stock.”

Low stock has not been the only concern regarding baby formula. In February, the US Food and Drug Administration recalled three brands of powdered baby formulas due to potential bacterial infections, including salmonella. The agency advised parents not to buy or use certain batches of Similac, Alimentum and Elecare powdered infant formulas, all Abbott brands. Grubb’s Grocery manager Sarah Jones say’s the struggle to obtain baby formula has formed unlikely unions between local mothers through social media. Sarah Jones (Grubb’s Grocery Manager) informed us, “as a mother of a young son I noticed on a lot of my mom groups on Facebook, or Instagram, or whatever. That a lot of moms are going to retail stores, seeing what’s in stock taking pictures of it, posting it, offering to get it if anybody needs it.”

The shortage is taking such a toll on large retailers that some stores have started limiting the amount of baby formula purchases per person. Hillary Clifft (Jackson Resident) told 39 news, “during covid we were only allowed to purchase two cans of baby formula per person. The cans were about $35, and we would go through one or two a week. That was scary not knowing were the next can of formula would come from.”

Local grocery store Grubb’s say’s this shortage has not impacted business too much for them. They carry an organic brand of baby formula that has had no recalls and has been in full stock. Sarah Jones (Grubb’s Grocery Manager) emphasized, “I know a lot of the mass market retail stores have been having a shortage of baby food. Our formula we have had, it’s been in stock, we have not had any issues with it. Um, it’s never had a recall, never had any issues with it.” As supply chain issues worsen for many mass retail stores. Parents of infants are growing more uncertain about how to feed their babies.

Makayla Davis

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