Assistant Chief Thom Corley named as new Jackson Police Chief


There’s a new police chief in town, mayor Scott Conger announced his selection of the new chief today at city hall.

“Assistant chief Thom Corley is the next chief of police for the Jackson police department. Assistant chief Corley has served the police department for over 31 years," said Mayor Scott Conger.

Chief Corley is a lifelong resident of Jackson. He started as a patrol officer with the Jackson police department in 1990 and worked his way up to second in command.

Now that he has the top job, Corley says he looks forward to leading the department, “I think we have one of the best, most professional, well-respected law enforcement agencies in the state. There are some fantastic men and women that serve this community with a servant’s heart every day every night and it’s going to be my honor to lead this department going forward.”

Corley graduated from Jackson Central Merry high school in 1986, then served in the United States Marine corps before joining the Jackson police department. He says he's ready to take on the responsibilities as chief, “There are certainly some challenges there’s always going to be challenges in the law enforcement profession. Right now, with just about any profession with hiring and retaining employees…so there are certain things that we are going to be addressing, and we’re going to address early and continue to address.”

Corley has an extensive educational background: along with a bachelor of science degree in management, he earned a doctorate at the Nashville school of law and is a member of the Tennessee Bar as a licensed and practicing attorney.

Chief Wiser is the current police chief but will be stepping down next month to run for sheriff after 25 yrs. At the department, he said, “I’m excited for chief Corley and the police department. I believe that we will continue to still move forward with technology and community partnerships, recruiting...We do have one of the greatest police departments and the reason why I was so successful in the position that I was in, the people that were around me, the team, the support. "

And the new chief plans to continue that success, "We’re going to keep the community focus in the forefront. And if we need to change gears to address certain things then we’ll do that,” said Corley.

Mayor Scott Conger has faith in the future of his police department, "We have the best police department in the state, that’s a fact. They are humble about it, but we firmly believe that and we will continue to do that in the city of Jackson moving forward.”

Corley will be sworn in on January 3rd and begin his role as the new Jackson police chief on January 7th.

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