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As winter temperatures drop, more men could head over to the temporary shelter

For nearly two months, the civic center has been a temporary warming shelter for Jackson's homeless men. Within the next couple of days, temperatures will drop significantly, and the non-profits who oversee this shelter are preparing for an uptick in patrons.

For the rest of the week, going into the weekend, temperatures will drop into the 30s and 20s.

“We’re hoping that more people that are experiencing homelessness will take advantage of the warming center,” said Lieutenant Mark Cancia from the Salvation Army.

While Tennessee homeless solutions work on a permanent male shelter, the civic center has been available for people at night, but some more provisions will be made.

“And so there provisions that are being made so that if temperatures are below freezing during the day those guys have a place to go that is safe warm and they’re provided with a meal.”

Other than Tennessee homeless solutions, the other nonprofits that work with the shelter are the Salvation Army, RIFA, and United Way.

Late last year, a homeless man froze to death, which sped up organizing and temporary shelter. Cancia says having the Civic Center right now increases the chances of saving lives.

“So this warming shelter is for the community. to have this temporary warming shelter will help save lives and help the quality of lives for those who are currently living in homelessness.” beneficial

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