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As local nonprofits work towards opening the permanent homeless shelter, they receive a big donation

There are over 120 homeless men in this city. Volunteers and local nonprofits are tackling that problem with help from the community.

With volunteers from leadership Jackson, Tennessee Homeless Solutions is working on a permanent homeless shelter for men.

“There’s been a collaboration of agencies working together for several months to build a permanent homeless shelter in madison county,” said Amy Mcdonald from Tennessee Homeless solutions.

While the Carl Perkins Civic center serves as a temporary warming shelter until march, the organizations have been receiving donations, and one large gift came as a surprise.

Tim Dyer, a member of Leadership Jackson working with team eagles on the homeless shelter, took to social media notifying locals about the project.

“I posted on Facebook maybe about three weeks ago just on my Facebook page. ;Hey, my leadership Jackson project is the permanent men’s homeless shelter, and we would love for people in the community to help us with it’,” said Dyer.

According to Dyer, an anonymous donor messaged him back, saying they wanted to donate beds.

“Okay, I was thinking maybe five beds or something, because that’s what people do know people in the community, like trying to get rid of their kid’s beds,” said Dyer.

What Dyer thought would only be a few beds turned out to be 200.

“200, wow! So they donated 200 bedframes and 200 mattresses,” said Dyer.

And a local trucking company volunteered their time to transport the beds to their destination. Dyer says even during a health pandemic that affects the economy, it is good to know people are willing to help others.

“Covid,2020 has been a crazy year, and there have been ups and downs for everybody. Seeing that donation come through restores the faith in humanity,” said Dyer.

In addition to the beds, Lowes donated microwaves and refrigerators. The shelter is scheduled to open in the spring.

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