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As HBCU across the country receive bomb threats, Lane College is preparing in case they do


“More than a dozen HBCU's received bomb threats yesterday on the first day of black history month. Lane college here in Jackson has not received one but they have a plan in case they do.

“Lane college is fine. We have not had any threats, two weeks ago when the threats started to happen, we updated our protocols, our bomb threat protocols and alerted our faculty and staff and our students and have done the same on this day," said Lane College President Dr. Logan Hampton.

Chief Steaven Joy is the head of safety and security at union and he has been working on the procedures. He said, "We’ve actually looked at the policies and procedures, went over them again as [recently] as this morning, by emailing out the procedures of what we are supposed to do in event of a bomb threat here at Lane College.”

He says in the event of a threat, they would immediately notify the Jackson police department and their students and staff.

Lane college’s president Dr. Hampton says the campus safety was a topic in today's chapel service, "We had this little chant going, ‘I am my brother’s keeper, I am my sister’s keeper’, that we are responsible for one another and for one another’s safety.”

Dr. Hampton says that Lane and other HBCU's have been through a lot over their histories and will survive this as well, “This is another hit, but we are most resilient…god is real, and god is keeping lane college safe, and we are being very vigilant in our practices.”

Dr. Hampton encourages his students and staff to not be fearful but to stay alert.

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