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Art therapy helps residents in west Tennessee communities express their thoughts about the pandemic

The art in the Jackson City Hall lobby is made by people most vulnerable to COVID-19. A local organization uses art to help youth and adults communicate to the community. This time that art is showing how they felt throughout the pandemic.

Brainbow Creative Recovery Center was created by Franciscus Poppelaars for youth and adults dealing with different challenges to express themselves through art work.

Recently they launched the 'Operation: COVID-19 Unfiltered' art show.

“It’s a bit overwhelming because there are so much different experiences, COVID experiences," says Poppelaars.

The art was created solely by their students, showing how they see the pandemic.

Marlene Scott-Pittman has a daughter, Precious, that is in the program.

“My own daughter precious, medically fragile group. That is something new frank brought into the program," says Scott-Pittman.

Precious created a self portrait sculpture, showing that although she has to wear a mask to stay safe she’s going to make it fashionable.

“Life was like no meaning for her, it was just like this everyday in and out. It’s brought joy and this sense of purpose," added Scott-Pittman.

The Center serves people with Alzheimer’s, PTSD, the medically fragile and at risk youth.

“It is very, very important for people because they are living in isolation to get them out of depression and bring joy in their lives," says Poppelaars.

The art show will continue until the end of March here at the City Hall.

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