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Around 300 Thousand Tennesseans Are at Risk of Losing Health Care

JACKSON, Tenn. - The Tennessee Division of TennCare reports Congress passed legislation in December ending Medicaid’s continuous enrollment requirement.

That means nearly 300, 000 Tennesseans who enrolled in Medicaid during the Covid-19 pandemic can lose their health care coverage.

State officials are now allowed to remove people from the government funded health insurance program because Congress agreed to end a Covid-19 emergency requirement that prohibited states from removing people off Medicaid.

Health care experts have raised concerns about how Medicaid recipients will be alerted if they are being removed from the program.

The division of TennCare reports officials will use email, text, phone calls and other methods to alert Medicaid recipients of their enrollment status.

TennCare reports officials will send out renewal packets April sixth for people who cannot automatically renew.

Anyone deemed ineligible will receive a 20-day termination notice.

TennCare encourages Medicaid recipients to make sure their contact information is up to date, but notes TennCare has the responsibility to keep an easy renewal process.

For the full report from the Tennessee division of TennCare you can visit tenncare.

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