Arbitrator rules in favor of the City of Jackson in stadium dispute

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

The courts have ruled, and it looks like the Jackson Generals have struck out.

An ongoing dispute between city officials and the Jackson Generals has ended with the Minor League baseball team being given 30 days to remove all its property from the facility. Jackson's Mayor Scott Conger says the ruling may mean new uses for the stadium. Mayor Scott Conger stated, “it’s a time for us to look forward. We’re in a time, not just for the city but regionally in West Tennessee in next 10 years of how we can develop.”

A breach of contract was at the center of the stadium dispute. The Generals argued the agreement did not require them to be affiliated with a Major League Baseball team while the city argued that the contract in fact did. The arbitrator agreed with the city claiming that the Generals have indeed breached the contract. Mayor Scott Conger informed 39 News, “We didn’t want to be unfair to anyone else if the decision went the other way. If we started down a process with someone else it wouldn’t be fair to them. We wanted to be fair to everyone involved.”

Gaining control of the stadium has been a long process for the City of Jackson, but now there is hope the facility will be used as an event space for the community to gather. Mayor Scott Conger emphasized, “We want to make sure we have the best partnership in that stadium, so that we can make sure there’s not any of the exclusivity that was there before. So that we can use the stadium in more in opportunities and more times during the year.”

The mayor believes, with the city more in control, tax dollars will not be going to waste. The Jackson Generals have not commented on the court ruling, only to promise the team will remove its property before the 30-day deadline. When asked if the city could see baseball being played in the stadium again Mayor Conger replied nothing is impossible.

Makayla Davis

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