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Applications Open Today for City of Jackson's Neighborhood Academy

JACKSON, Tenn. - If you want to get involved in our city government, the Neighborhood Academy can help you get started.

The city of Jackson is getting ready for this year’s Neighborhood Academy.

The nine-month program focuses on different areas of local government and how community members can participate in city processes.

The program’s goal is to educate the community on city services, city departments, and how you can get involved and best utilize these services.

“We learned a lot last year, and this year we’ll be adding more speakers and hopefully we’ll be adding a more interactive aspect to it, so maybe some types of field trips, seeing some of these services out in the field and how these services are done out in the field, as well as some few other things.”

Community development coordinator Claire Pierson shares she is excited about some new things this year.

She is happy with last year’s turnout but wants this year to be more interactive for participants.

“Because we have so many different services, so many different departments, it can be very confusing for people that aren’t used to utilizing the city services, and so this gives them on more simpler terms that face-to-face interaction and then they can go out and share with their neighbors and with their friends about what they’ve learned and help everyone know a little bit about how to use the city.”

Neighborhood Academy meetings are two hours once a month at City Hall and begin at the end of September.

Applications open today and will remain open throughout the next two weeks.

To apply, you can visit

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