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Another Madison Co. resident announces campaign for county mayor

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - Another Madison County resident announced their candidacy for county mayor today.

With the current county mayor, Jimmy Harris not running for Madison County mayor this term. That leaves a vacancy that needs to be filled.

Right now, there are three people in the race and 39 News spoke to two of those candidates about their campaigns.

“We got look at what’s going to best for the people. The people are it. The people are what make Madison County,” said Gary Pickens, Madison County mayor candidate.

Gary Pickens is a Jackson native who has broadcast experience and now works as a medicare coordinator for Physicians' Quality Care in Jackson.

Pickens talks about the potential he sees for the county.

“To make sure we are prepared for the influx of business and people because of the Blue Oval City. That’s going to be a major concern for us, and I want to make sure we are taking the time to analyze what we are going to need because we are going to be competing with other people for housing, employees, for business, and that sort of thing,” said Pickens.

Aj Massey is another candidate running for county mayor. He says his motivations for running are his sons and making Madison County better for them.

“I want my two boys to have a community that they can be proud of. A community that is safe to raise their families in. I want my sons to have options and opportunities for amenities in west Tennessee that they can go and do,” said Aj Massey, Madison County mayor candidate.

Massey has a background in finance and banking. He believes working together for the greater good is the best way to maximize the growth coming to the area.

“You know the reality of this job is that you have a county commission that is the decision-making body underneath this job. There are 25 men and women, representatives from all counters of the county that want to be in lockstep with each other and move forward. I think that is something I can bring unique to the table is the ability to bring cohesion to a group of people who do not always see things the same way,” said Massey.

Both candidates are running in the Republican primary on Tuesday, May 3rd.

John Newman is also running for Madison County mayor and 39 News will be contacting him soon for comment.

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