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Annual Event Helps Veterans and Families

JACKSON, Tenn. - This annual event is helping bring resources and veterans together.

Organizations, agencies, and vendors set up to help with questions, concerns, and file claims.

Examples of things the event helps veterans with are VA healthcare and I.D. cards.

“It’s definitely a privilege being a veteran myself, so those feelings that our veterans have coming back home a lot of time, are feeling of just not knowing where to go to or who to talk to, so being able to come out and events and programs such as this that are put together just give our veterans that avenue.”

Transition patient advocate for the Memphis VA Hospital, Arthur Johnson, is an Army veteran.

He served for over 31 years as a combat medic and is now serving his community to help his fellow veterans.

He helps veterans with the transition from the military.

“The biggest thing for them is the Pact Act. The Pact Act was signed into law last year by President Biden on August 10th, if they file a Pact Act by August 9th, it gives them that one-year presumptive back pay on it, so it’s beneficial for them to come in and do that, file claims.”

Madison County Veteran Services Director, Reginald Sims, wants veterans to know help is there for them.

He encourages veterans to file a claim for the Pact Act before August 9th.

If you are a veteran or a loved one of a veteran, you can visit the Veteran Outreach Program at 311 North Parkway.

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