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Annual American Legion "Legacy Ride" makes a stop at Humboldt Veterans Home to visit with veterans


Nearly 300 motorcyclists with the American Legions stopped at the Humboldt Veterans home today for a visit during their annual legacy run.

“We ride for the kids. That's why we're doing this. We ride for the scholarship fund, and the money we collect on this ride goes to scholarships for the children of those killed in action since 911 and the post-9-11 veterans who have a 50% or greater disability," said Mark Clark, the National Chairman for the American Legion Riders.

Riders from thirty-nine states and even some from Great Britain began in Mobile Alabama at the U.S.S Alabama battleship memorial.

Their 1200-mile ride will end at the American Legion National convention in Milwaukee Wisconson on Thursday (8/25).

Along the way, they are stopping to salute veterans all across the country.

Clark said, “Any time we get a chance to interact with our brother and sister veterans, we will do it. And coming to veteran's home and letting our riders get off their bikes and interact with these veterans and brighten their spirits and in turn, they are brightening ours, there’s no better way to spend an afternoon.”

Paul Dillard, the National Commander for the American Legion added, “We love to come visit with them... hear their stories, sit with them, visit with them. Let them know that everybody after is pulling for them and thinking about them.”

The riders have already seen a ton of support for the legacy scholarship fund

“I actually had a gentleman a while ago to give me a dollar bill because he wanted to be part of this and he peeled off another and gave it to him. And I said, no, no, you don't have to give me that, he said ‘naw I want to," Dillard said.

He went on to say, "a women at Walmart… gave him a 100$ bill and said, ‘I just want to give you all this. This is awesome.’”

“We set a goal for $1.3 million," Clark said, "we are about a day and a half into the ride and we're studying a little bit over $301,000.”

If you want to donate to the scholarship fund, go to and click the donate tab.


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