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An Arctic Front is Expected to Hit Jackson Later this Week

JACKSON, Tenn. - Some people are preparing for the frigid temperatures by picking up needed supplies.

The National Weather Service forecasts temperatures as low as four degrees with a chance of snow later this week.

Ace Hardware sales associate Roger Lomax has seen people come in to buy items to prepare for the cold storm.

“They’ve been buying salt, for their driveways and sidewalks, and buying sleds primarily.”

Lomax advises everyone to be prepared for the cold front.

“Well, starting with the salt and covering up their faucets, things of that nature, just to protect themselves, keep themselves warm, and stay inside if you can.”

Customer Duffy Minges believes people should take care during the snowy and icy weather.

“The snow, the weather, everything, just be prepared. Take care of your pipes, take care of your home, take care of your pets.”

Some people, like Darren Hicks, are looking forward to the snow and ice on Christmas.

“It’s going to be cold and I’m going to love it.”

Whether you like the cold, or maybe you don’t, one thing’s for sure, it’s good to be prepared for the frigid weather that is coming.

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