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JACKSON, Tn.-Climate change was the big topic at this first ever lunch and learn, held by the American Red Cross. The conversation was about how our changing weather conditions have impacted housing, food access and healthcare here in Madison County.

“We're having an untraditional lunch and learn, which is called a break to educate to allow other community advocates to come to the same room, to collaborate, and also talk about ways to help those who have been displaced by weather conditions,” says Darius Jackson.

Community risk reduction manager Darius Jackson explains the motivation for this luncheon.

“The inspiration behind this event comes completely from the community. listen to other non-government officials. listen to our other nonprofit organizations in the community themselves wanting to have a place that we can come in and voice our concerns on how to make Jackson more resilient and stronger during the time of disasters and pre-disasters.”

The risk reduction manager emphasizes what he calls the three h’s.

“Today, we're going to really look at part of it is housing, hunger, access to healthy food, and last but not least, is access to health care.”

Darius wants to encourage more people in the community to volunteer at the American Red Cross. He also suggests following their local social media account on Instagram to keep up with upcoming events like this one. For more information about the American Red Cross, you can visit

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