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Airlines drop mask mandate

Memphis, TN. (WNBJ)-

To wear a mask or to not wear a mask. Though mask requirements for mass transit have been dropped is right now the right time to drop the mask? Residents say, “I do, I do think it’s the right time to drop the mask mandate.”, “it’s been a couple years now. So, umm.. You know, it is about time.”, “I like the extra means of protection.”

Memphis international airport passengers had varying views about the lift on the mask mandate. The mandate, announced in January 2021, had been set to expire Monday. It was announced yesterday that a federal judge struck down that mandate and airlines like United, American, Southwest, Delta, and Alaska are dropping their face mask requirement effective immediately. Ron Love stated, “I feel comfortable without it. I’ve had three shots so..”

A new omicron variant, ba.2 is spreading rapidly, and while some passengers are ready to lose their mask some aren’t ready to part ways. Susan Love (Florida Resident) explained, “too many people travel when they’re sick, and if they don’t wear their mask it’s just going to prolong us having to drop it for good.”

The court ruling moved up the timeline, barring any appeals, so passengers boarding flights late Monday did so without masks for the first time in nearly two years.

Makayla Davis

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