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Agencies give helpful tips for predicted wintry weather conditions

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - The winter weather is in full effect this week with snow predicted for tomorrow in Jackson.

Some emergency and transportation personnel want to give the public some helpful tips on dealing with the snow.

“You know we always stress for folks to plan ahead,” said Nichole Lawrence, the Community Relations Officer with the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation wants to encourage drivers to be prepared and check road conditions for possible snow and ice on the roadways.

“Check our Smart Way map on our webpage or they can call 511 for road conditions as well. Just take extra time and if you have to get out be very careful. If you don’t kind of stay in,” said Nichole Lawrence, the Community Relations Officer with the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

The Madison County Fire Department says winter is the most dangerous time of the year for home fires and injuries because people are trying to heat their homes.

“It’s making sure you got heaters and heating sources three feet away from anything that could catch fire. Sometimes we are moving around space heaters trying to get them a little bit closer to us but if you forget about it that causes a hazard,” said Anna Kate Craig, the Community Risk Reduction Coordinator with Madison County Fire Depart.

The fire department also says to avoid using candles if you lose power because it could start a fire.

In lieu of 24 traffic-jam on a Virginia highway earlier this week, AAA says if you have to travel you should make sure your car is ready for those icy conditions.

“We do recommend people get their vehicles checked before any long trips. Take it in to make sure the fuel is topped off. Make sure key components like your battery, fuel system, brakes, fluids are all checked. You also want to make sure you check those tires, the tire tread, and the tire pressure,” said Stephanie Milani, the TN Public Affairs Director with AAA - The Auto Club Group.

AAA also says you should replace your car battery after three years to avoid a breakdown.

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