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Afghanistan veteran speaks on U.S. Troops withdrawal

Jackson, TN

In recent weeks questions of whether President Joe Biden would withdraw U.S. Troops from Afghanistan by the August 31st deadline have occurred.

As tensions continue to rise, we spoke with an Afghanistan war veteran about his thoughts on the events taking place. Joseph L. Sweatt (Afghanistan veteran) had this to say about the decision, “I have a bittersweet thought of it. Being that me, myself personally, I had some close calls. I had friends that didn’t make it. So- what was their sacrifice for?”

Representative David Kustoff explains how important our exit plan is. “And there was a debate whether, we leave the troops in Afghanistan or we withdrawal. Of course, that part’s done. What I’m very concerned about is the way we left Afghanistan. It looks like there was no exit plan.”

Sweatt goes on to explain his fear of what the withdrawal will mean for U.S. troops in the future. “When the cats away the mouse will play. There’s no one there overlooking them to make sure they don’t do that. I know people say we need to stay in our own business we need to stay at home. But nobody wants another 9/11.”

Women’s rights are another topic in question once the U.S. Troops leave Afghanistan. Women born in Afghanistan after 2000 have only known the rights and liberties guaranteed by a U.S. presence.

“Under a Taliban regime again, will they have those rights? Or will the history of 1960 rear its ugly head, that happened in the 90’s again when the Taliban came into Afghanistan.”

Sweatt ended our interview with a heartfelt message to soldiers still on the frontlines.

“For the men and women who are down range now, and for the mean and women who are facing COVID right now on the frontlines, I wish them and pray for strength and admirations of honor.”

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