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Advocacy group stops in Jackson to spread awareness about setting term limits on elected officials

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - Have you ever wondered how congressional term limits affect you or your state? It could be the difference between starting change in your community by creating new laws or things staying the same.

U.S. Term Limits is an advocacy organization that works to enact and defend term limits on elected officials at all levels of government. Why do we need term limits, you ask? The group says creating term limits would give more choices at the ballot box, fewer career politicians, less corruption, and much more.

Grassroots advocate Timothy “Izzy” Israel is very passionate about that mission and is walking from Florida to the state of Washington to bring awareness to the cause.

“I talk to my wife and this is something that bothers me. I got to do something, I am not political, I don’t hang out with those types of people per-say so I thought this would be something I could take one year of my life and try to make a change, you know it’s got to work. It has to work, we can make it happen,” said Timothy “Izzy” Israel, walking for term limits.

The deputy field director with the organization explaining why term limits are so important and how state officials are playing a part in forming term limits.

“The founding fathers bless their hearts did make it possible for states to do an amendment and go through the whole ratification procedure as we would do at Congress. Term limits is an issue that 85 percent of either side of the aisle, folks are ready for this, they see the problems, the debt, everything that’s going on. So, that’s the process we are at Article 5. We go to every state legislature. We talk to them and there’s a lot of support with wonderful state-level officials. They recognize what’s going on,” said Jeff Tillman, the Deputy Field Director for U.S. Term Limits.

Tennessee State Representative Chris Todd got to work and supported a resolution that requests the U.S. Congress to call a convention, where they would propose an amendment to the constitution to enact term limits on congress.

“I talk to so many people in our district and other parts of the state that have seen the unlimited time frame that so many in congress have now and how that has been detrimental to our country,” said Representative Chris Todd, the State Representative for District 73.

If you are interested in this issue, you are urged to contact your local state legislators and volunteer your time to make term limits happen in your state.

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