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Abandon House Caught Fire in Trezevant, TN.

Trezevant, TN. (WNBJ)-

On March the 8th Trezevant city officials held a board meeting where resident Steve Richardson brought to the board’s attention a destroyed house next to his property on Hames Street. Residents say the fire started due to some electrical issues within the house. The fire quickly spread and Trezevant resident Colton Blankenship told me he could feel the heat from the fire in his house. Colton Blankenship (Trezevant Resident) stated, “I had just actually gotten home from work. The whole house had engulfed in flames. It had burnt some of our neighboring houses, their siding on their houses.”

Colton says it to the fire department a while to completely exhaust the fire, now himself along with other residents in the community want to see the house demolished. Colton Blankenship (Trezevant Resident) explained, “I have heard of one other neighbor that has complained about it. I mean it just brings our property value down.”

I did reach out to the mayor of Trezevant Bobby Blalock for further information on plans the city has for the house, but he was not available to speak. The next board meeting will be in April, and residents are hoping the city will finally decide to tear down the house.

Makayla Davis

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