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A Nursery in Lexington Reopens After a Semi Truck Runs Into the Building

LEXINGTON, Tn.- On June 27th of 2022, a semi-truck with no driver inside, crashed into Green Thumb Nursery and florist. almost tearing the building in two. but it didn’t stop this business from blooming.

But it's just been a time-consuming process, getting things back together, getting our building painted, getting everything ready to get back open. Of course, we've been open the whole time. "The big deal here is that, you know, we didn't look like we're over there for a while, so now we're back at full capacity,” says Jordan Jones, assistant manager of Green Thumb Nursery.

Jordan explained one of the toughest challenges the business faced after the incident.

“People thought people came by and said our construction thought, oh, they're still closed all day. They're closed permanently. So really, that's been the hard part, is letting the locals know we're still here and we're ready to serve.” Although the business never closed, Jordan tells 39 News that getting the building renovated definitely made a difference.

Things have been picking up a lot, especially this new color on the front of the building. and we're able to do some renovations and make things new and a little bit prettier after all. So, it's been sort of a good thing for us.”

The Green Thumb Nursery is inviting the people of West Tennessee to stop by and visit their newly renovated flower shop. They are open from 9-5 Monday through Saturday. You can also visit their facebook page for more detailed information.

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