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A new Sheriff is in town! Julian Wiser sworn in as new Madison County Sheriff


Alexander Bitterling


Julian wiser was sworn in as the new madison county sheriff on the lawn of the courthouse today. And the new sheriff plans to go right to work tomorrow, “Tomorrow we're going to work on day one. So, you know, like I've talked about previously in the past, we've got a new jail that we've got to get open. We want to focus on school security. You know, building relationships in the community. Recruiting and retention. It's just a lot of things going on," Wiser said.

Wiser wants to increase the communication between the heriff’s department and the rest of the county, “Whatever goals that we accomplished; it's got to be a team effort. We've got to have a buy-in of all our employees. We've got to have the support of madison county citizens. So, you know, this is a this is team madison county. You know, we're all in this thing together.”

County commissioner Jeff Wall says he’s looking forward to the partnership with the department, “[He wants] To bridge that gap that's there and that has been there, you know, in the past. He wants to be able to work very closely with county departments, not just the County Commission, but other county departments, the school system, the county commission. Even with the city, we just all he wants to bring everyone together at the same table to be able to talk and to be able to move forward, move madison county forward.”

Sheriff wiser says the biggest adjustment from police chief to sheriff will be running a jail, “I spent the last two months meeting with folks in the jail, going to sheriff school, learning as much as I can about my duties at the jail and our jail operations."

The sheriff’s department has spent the last few years focusing on mental health issues and how they handle citizens that are facing them – Wiser plans to continue that focus;“We have a lot of folks that are dealing with mental health issues. It's very important that we get them the help they need and mental health and it'll be a priority.”

The sheriff begins tomorrow and plans to tackle the issues as “team Madison County.”

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