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A New Approach to Easter Sunday Service

Memphis, TN. (WNBJ)-

Though covid cases have declined some churches are still taking safety precautions this Easter Sunday to ensure their members are safe. Union Avenue Baptist Church has decided to try an outdoor service to social distance, but still allow in-person service. Megan Smith (Union Avenue Baptist Church Secretary) stated, “we wanted to provide a safe place for residents to come and worship on Easter Sunday morning.”

Union Avenue Baptist Church is hosting a sunrise service this Easter Sunday. Church officials say this event is open to the public. The Sunrise Service will take place outdoors at the Overton Park Shell, in Memphis, Tennessee, Sunday morning at 7am. Megan Smith (Union Avenue Baptist Church Secretary) informed us, “I know a lot of people have gotten their vaccine and their feeling more comfortable around people, and to know we are following all guidelines. That should comfort people as well.”

Church Secretary Megan Brown say’s the church is excited to try this new approach to Sunday morning service.

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