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A Man Drowns at Lake Graham in Madison County

JACKSON, Tn.-According to the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency a man drowned Thursday afternoon in Madison County after falling off a dock.

Late Thursday afternoon, TWRA responded to a call that someone had fallen into the water at Lake Graham. 39 News spoke to a witness who was fishing on the lake the same day.

“Yesterday, man it was hectic, you know, saying I saw some emergency vehicles running into the parking lot. I kind of didn't know what was going on, but I pulled up and saw a man getting CPR. It was kind of frightening because that's like every boater, every fisherman, worst fear is to see somebody drown in the lake.” explained Kirby Dunlap.

Kirby wants fisherman and boaters to be more cautious this summer and use good judgment around water.

“People really need to realize the safety precautions you need to take when you're fishing, you know, along the bank are in a boat. You know, most people think you're going to drown when you're in a boat. Now you can drown from four in the bank. Anything could happen.

The name of the deceased has not yet been released and officials are still investigating. Over 3,000 people drown each year in the U.S. Stay safe this summer, Tennessee.

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