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A local Senator Visits JCM informing students about the U.S Constitution

In Jackson Central-Merry Early College Highschool’s lobby, a group of students gathered with open eyes and ears, listening to what senator Jackson had to say.

“My purpose for being here today is to tell you a little bit about state government,” said Jackson.

Jackson informed the teenagers about how state legislators work to make this state a good place for Tennesseans.

“Well, it’s essential because kids need to know where we come from or how our country got formed. why did it get formed.”

Nathan Lewis, the principal of JCM, believes today’s discussion with Mr. Jackson was necessary for the pupils as Mr. Jackson is a high school graduate out of madison county and a resident.

“Yes, it’s senator Jackson, and yes, he represents us; he also is a local resident. You may see him out in town at the grocery store. And I think they must see that,” said Lewis.

The senator also went to Southside and Northside High Schools before heading over to other counties in his district.

As the 2020 presidential election is just weeks away, senator Jackson says this is the perfect time to educate students on our government.

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