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A local church opens their doors to help students learn

A local church opened their doors to assist students in academic recovery and they're calling it the learning huddle hub.

What was once a room for church activates at Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church is now a learning huddle hub.

“A place that is conducive to learning, here is a learning environment, therefore it creates that atmosphere", says senior pastor of the church, Wayne Smith.

He says a former board member came up with the idea and then the church took action.

Many students in the district are not familiar with virtual learning, so the church wanted to produce a place where students felt like they were still in a classroom.

“So, we want to make sure that that student is to be on class, online that they have enough sufficient time to eat and be prepare for the morning class", smith adds.

Students get their temperature checked, eat breakfast, and then log on to their virtual classroom.

Volunteers help with homework and give the students time to play games and exercise.

“So, how can we better this community, education wise. Just because of the pandemic. Anybody can sit back on an excuse, but it takes those of us who have a vision and motivation to move it forward", he says when asked how this could help the future of the community.

Pastor Smith says they plan to continue this until the end of the school year.

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