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A local Christmas tree farm sees an uptick in sales this season

The COVID-19 Pandemic is keeping the tradition of buying real Christmas Trees alive. A farm in Beech Bluff is experiencing an increase in sales this season.

It is reported the same thing is happening on other farms across the nation. NBC 10 in Boston reported an increase in sales across Massachusetts, and the same is happening on Wardgrove, just right outside of Madison County.

“Well, we haven’t had a whole lot of problems. We‘ve been busy; the business has a problem increased by about 25 percent,” said Sue Ward.

Sue Ward, the owner of Wardgrove Christmas tree farm, believes the increase in sales is because of the pandemic. The CDC advises people to partake in outdoor activities, and the Christmas tree shopping fits the criteria. The farm saw an uptick in first-time buyers, also.

“Which we are sort of attributing to people wanting to get out and do something that is still safe. We have had more first-time Christmas tree buyers this year, and again I think alot of people are contributing that to the pandemic,” said Ward.

A few customers stopped by to get their tree. One man drove about 30 minutes from South Jackson to find the perfect one. He says he prefers a real tree over an artificial one.

“The anesthetic helps. But really it’s just like, the smell and all that where you can’t get with a fake tree,’’ said Ronnie Gilbert, and returning customer.

As preparing for the pandemic, Ward says they did not brace themselves to decrease sales. They stuck to their routine while remaining optimistic.

“We didn’t try to change things to make it leaner this year; we just went on with what our normal plans were and hoped for the best,” said Ward.


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