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A.J Massey is Madison County's new Mayor


For the first time since 2007, Madison County has a new mayor.

When all the votes were counted last night, Republican A.J Massey came out on top.

After his victory Massey told 39 news he plans to go to work immediently, “The next four years of leadership in our county, we've got get strong leadership and we know who that is. Now we can start to collaborate and do what I promised during the campaign, and that's build bridges and not walls.”

Massey says he already has a strong relationship with new Madison County Sheriff Julian Wiser, "He's a good man who understands law enforcement, interchange, leadership. He's like-minded as far as conservative values as I am. And we've committed to each other to fully support each other if we can't have opposition within our county leadership.”

Massey will officially begin his new job as Mayor on September first but in the meantime, he plans to meet with County officials.

“I want to make sure I know most of the people that want to sit down with some authority now, with some ability to ask some deep questions about how they do their job, how they like to do their job, good things they experience, things they want to change, to make sure that we can kind of have everybody understanding the jobs and making sure that I'm encouraging them and give them what they need," Massey said.

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