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A former Madison Co. commissioner is being investigated for illegally charging to officiate weddings


A former Madison County Commissioner is being accused of violating state law by charging fees to perform marriages.

According to the Tennessee Comptroller's office, an investigation by it's office and the T-B-I claims that the commissioner, whose name has yet to be released, charged 50 to 60 dollars to officiate marriages in the county, collecting over 115,000 in fees from 2015 until 2021.

While commissioners may accept a voluntary gratuity for officiating weddings, it is against state laws to charge a set fee or demand compensation for officiating.

Investigators claim the commissioner used vague language to lead couples into believing the fee was mandatory and must be paid.

The comptroller's office also raised concerns about the county clerk's office's role in the handling of the commissioner's fees.

We'll have more details on this story as they develop.

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