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A few voters in Madison County made up there minds about who to vote for before the final debate

Early voting continues after last night’s final presidential debate, and a few voters said last night’s discussion didn’t have much effect on their final decision because they’ve had their minds made up for a while now.

“I think most people watched the debate had their minds made up anyway, and I think it was a toss-up on the debate,” said local voter Randy Birmingham.

“I knew who I was going to vote for from the beginning,” said Antonio White.

“I knew exactly who I was going to vote for,” said Valerie Lampkin.

So Far in Madison County, nearly 18,000 voters used their right to choose who they’d want for president.

The day after the final debate marks the eighth day of early voting in Tennessee, and Birmingham believes people already had enough information about the candidates to make a final decision.

“I think everybody has heard enough for months after months on the candidates and know what they stand for and what they don’t stand for, said Birmingham.

Some planned on their final decision for years.

“Seeing how the year, these years been going, and now I decided way back who I wanted to be in there,” said White.

Both candidates continued their campaigns today, with president trump holding rallies in florida and former vice president Joe Biden in Delaware speaking about the pandemic.

Across the state, early voting numbers are still higher than in 2016 and residents have until October 29 to vote before Election Day.

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