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A cup of coffee a day keeps the doctors away!

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

How much coffee do you drink a day?

I drink coffee at least once a day sometimes twice a day….Definitely everyday…..Usually, one to two cups a day, most of the time I drink it in the afternoon to finish my day…..Two or three times a day. They say an apple a day keeps the doctors away. Well, new studies are showing a cup of coffee a day could have some of these same health benefits.

Experts at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine say coffee contains antioxidants and other active substances that may reduce internal inflammation and protect against disease. Customers at Turntable Coffee say for then coffee helps with… Sarah Lengfield (Madison County Resident) both said, “Awakeness alertness, focus sometimes, just more energy.” While Courtney Searcy (Madison County Resident) stated, “it’s mostly just something that’s a part of my routine. It’s something that kind of just gives me a little bit of focus.”

For Owner Anthony Kirk he’s seen coffee and his shop improve mental and emotional health in a time where these forms of health have been a big concern. Anthony Kirk (Turntable Coffee Owner) informed us, “definitely as a coffee shop owner, as a place where people gather you can see that not only does the product help people get through the day, make the alert and focus them. But it’s also just a place for them to gather. Especially during a pandemic.”

While most people love coffee with a lot of added sugar. Courtney Searcy (Madison County Resident) told 39 News, “one of my favorite drinks is a cappuccino.” Research shows black coffee is actually the healthiest form. Nathan at j-town coffee has seen first-hand the improvements switching to black coffee can make. Nathan Ganuchau (J-Town Coffee Manager) emphasized, “once I switched to black coffee that’s when I started to see an improvement in my overall mood energy level throughout the day.”

Makayla Davis

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